NMDC - Sharing

NMDC - Sharing


It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since NMDC launched. We’ve had a fantastic year as a resident company at Theatre Royal Stratford East.

This past year we’ve worked closely with four brand new teams of writers as they developed their ideas and their MT writing skills. To celebrate the end of the hard work, each team will be sharing 20 minutes of their brand new musicals.

We hope you’ll join us as we celebrate not only them, but also the growing wave of new British musical theatre.

Thank you for all the continued support and appreciation.


4pm sharing
7pm sharing


Venue: Main House
Time: 4pm and 7pm
Price: £6 
Runtime: 80 minutes


The New Musical Development Collective (NMDC) was created in response to a dearth of development initiatives focused on musical theatre writers and a lack of diverse theatre makers. The NMDC identifies ‘diverse’ along race, gender, socio-economic, disabled, age and LGBTQ lines. For us, diversity is not about exclusion but about enriching the fabric of British theatre making and stories.

The NMDC is dedicated to creating, nurturing and fostering artists who identify as playwrights, songwriters, lyricists and composers; artists who will be given a space to work with no rules but proven principles that can be acknowledged and challenged in pushing the form beyond its current boundaries.



Music by Stu Barter
Book & Lyrics by Amber Hsu

Wouldst thou not rather be somebody for a day, rather than a nobody for a lifetime? 

Somewhere in a distant, faraway land of falling light, a cast of troubled youths wander amidst murderers and muppets, wrestling with the rages of love, loneliness, and loathing, and wondering if they'll ever have what it takes to be...nobody.


Music by Izo FitzRoy
Book & Lyrics by Firdos Ali

Sky Johnson is in the final weeks of her stay in an open prison. At 36, Sky wants to have a baby but without the inconvenience of a man. The fertility clinic has expectations, the clock is ticking and Sky has neither home nor income. As Sky navigates the system, will she return to her old ways to get what she wants or will she choose a new life?


Book, Music, Lyrics by Zara McFarlane

Set in colonial Jamaica at the cusp of emancipation, a free mulatto housekeeper is offered work to tends to the new English arrival on an infamous plantation. She becomes embroiled in a tragic love affair that jeopardises her freedom.


Book by Shireen Mula
Lyrics by Joe Von Malachowski
Music by Phil McDonnell and Dominic Brennan

Hero is the story of a group of actors developing a musical about legendary 60s soul singer - Martin Sinclair. We see snippets of their musical juxtaposed against their development process. But as the outside world spills in, new allegations against Martin begin to threaten the actors' process. Hero explores the emotional and physical traumas performers go through for their art and asks if you can still love a song/play/film once you find out what it took to make it.

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